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Safety Is Top Concern at Corvette Museum Sinkhole Project

Lisa Autry

The Kentucky Labor Cabinet has signed a Construction Partnership Program agreement with the company repairing the sinkhole at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green to ensure and enhance safety during the complex repair process.

Cabinet Secretary Larry Roberts said they were proud to work with Scott, Murphy and Daniel Construction on the "unique challenges to the workers who are part of the rebuilding process."

WBKO reports the construction will require fall protection, trenching and excavation safety measures as well as proper procedures involving heavy equipment such as cranes all inside an existing structure. The worksite will involve as many as twenty people working in close proximity at one time. That led Scott, Murphy and Daniel to request the partnership with the Labor Cabinet.

Engineers, geologists and emergency officials are also involved in the project. Faculty and students with Western Kentucky University's Engineering department as well as the Geography and Geology department are assisting with the evaluation of the ground surrounding the worksite. Their goal is to make sure there are no further collapses and the renovation is on a solid and safe foundation.

As part of the Construction Partnership Program, workplace safety experts with the Kentucky Labor Cabinet's Office of Occupational Safety and Health will make frequent visits to the site. Visits begin with an on-site conference of employees and subcontractors, followed by a walk-through inspection to identify hazards. All findings are discussed in a closing conference, followed within days by a detailed presentation of any hazards. Abatement dates are set for deficiencies that have not already been corrected and written reports will be prepared.

The museum will continue normal operation during the construction. The Skydome, where the collapse happened, is a separate building attached to the main museum. Tours will be able to bypass the area safely with visitors able to see the sinkhole site from a special viewing window.

The award-winning news team at WKU Public Radio consists of Dan Modlin, Kevin Willis, Lisa Autry, and Joe Corcoran.
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