Retired Educator from Owensboro Steps up for Hurricane Dorian Relief

Sep 5, 2019

Owensboro resident Stan Scott distributes supplies in North Carolina as a Red Cross volunteer.
Credit Stan Scott

As Hurricane Dorian begins to bear down on the nation’s southeastern coast, a Daviess County man is lending a hand to those impacted by the storm.  

Among them is Stan Scott of Owensboro who's a volunteer for the American Red Cross.  He’s stationed in Greenville, North Carolina where he’s been delivering supplies to evacuation shelters.

Scott says he enjoys volunteering because he’s been on the receiving end before.

“In 2000, we had a tornado hit our house," recalled Scott. "I remember the Red Cross came and served meals in my neighborhood and I actually received some of those benefits, so I’m kind of giving back.”

Scott is driving one of the Red Cross’s emergency response vehicles which are equipped to provide meals and cleanup supplies.