National Survey Shows Kentucky Ranks 8th for Drug Problem

May 13, 2019


A new survey by the consumer finance website WalletHub shows Kentucky ranks eighth in the nation for states with the biggest drug problem. 

 The national survey is based on metrics that include drug use, addiction, law enforcement, health services and rehabilitation.

While Kentucky ranks eighth in the nation overall for its drug problem, some categories in the survey point out the biggest drug issues in the Bluegrass State.

For example, in the more specific category of 'Drug Use and Addiction' Kentucky ranks second in the nation, just behind Washington, D.C. And when it comes to health and rehabilitation, Kentucky ranked 50th out of 51, because the rankings include Washington, D.C.

Overall, the nation’s capital has the biggest drug problem in the country. West Virginia ranks fourth, Indiana is fifth and Tennessee came in at number 14.

The state with the fewest drug problems is Minnesota.