LRS LIVE Replay: The Po' Ramblin' Boys & Misty Mountain String Band

Oct 19, 2018

The Po' Ramblin' Boys, recently named Emerging Artist of the Year by the International Bluegrass Music Association, were the headliners at Lost River Sessions LIVE on Oct. 18 at the Capitol Arts Center in Bowling Green.

The band originally formed in East Tennessee as a fill-in band for peformances at a distillery. They've since gone on to perform across the United States, in Canada and even Europe.

Josh Rinkel, guitarist for the Po' Ramblin' Boys says Europeans' affinity for roots music dates back to World War II and just after. 

"The soldiers would have records shipped over and they would set up little makeshift record shops and the locals would go in and buy American records and learn American music," said Rinkel. "So of course in the '50s, bluegrass was as hot as rock-n-roll until the later '50s and '60s. They love it over there, they eat it up. Anything American from the mid-century, from the '50s or so, they love over there."

Rinkel, CJ Lewandowski, Jasper Lorentzen and Jereme Brown make up the Po' Ramblin Boys.

Louisville-based Misty Mountain String Band opened the show, playing several songs from their brand new album Kentucky Bound, released earlier this month. 

"This one for us was a really fun project to work on because it was our attempt to be a little bit of a return to more of a bluegrass kinda form on everything," said Derek Harris, bass player for Misty Mountain. "The arrangements are a little bit tighter, a little bit less complicated. We're just trying to sing some really good songs on this one."

Misty Mountain String Band is made up of Harris, Neal Green, Paul Martin and Frank Leo.   

Lost River Sessions LIVE is made possible thanks to generous financial support from Mike Simpson, Farmers National Bank, the Bowling Green Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, Glasgow EPB, Warren County Public Library and Katelynn & Zach Simpson.