Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear's Administration Reconnects Kynect

Oct 5, 2020

Credit Ryan Van Velzer

Kentucky is re-launching its online health exchange known as Kynect to provide new features and services, Gov. Andy Beshear announced Monday.  

The original Kynect was launched in 2013 under Beshear's father, Gov. Steve Beshear, and allowed the expansion of Medicaid to some 400,000 Kentuckians. 

The new version of the online portal will allow people to apply for Medicaid and enroll in health insurance on the federal exchange.

Gov. Andy Beshear said the coronavirus pandemic has proven the need for health coverage as a basic human right.

“Losing 1,200 Kentuckians is something I’ll never be able to accept, but we know that the launch of Kynect and expansion of healthcare is the reason we haven’t lost so many more," Beshear said.

Kentucky’s state-based health insurance exchange won’t be in place until next year, but residents can access the federal exchange now. 

Kynect will immediately serve as one-stop hub to access benefits such as food stamps and childcare assistance, replacing Benefind, which was created under former Republican Governor Matt Bevin.  Kynect will also be a resource for service services in every county for things like job training, housing, and addiction treatment.