Adams Vows to Restore Trust in Secretary of State's Office

Oct 8, 2019

Republican Michael Adams is running for Secretary of State in Kentucky's Nov. 5 election.
Credit Lisa Autry

The Kentucky Republican hoping to succeed Alison Lundergan Grimes as Secretary of State believes the office is on probation until Grimes’ term ends in January. 

Michael Adams, an election law attorney in Louisville, is pledging to restore confidence in the office if elected in November. 

The state legislature stripped Grimes of some of her authority over elections after a member of the Kentucky Board of Elections filed a complaint alleging she abused her power.  Grimes has adamantly denied the claims, calling them politically motivated.  Adams says he doesn’t think the action was aimed at the office, but the officeholder.

“I’m prepared to accept the law as it stands and not have a vote on the board," Adams told WKU Public Radio. "I’m also prepared for the legislature to restore those powers once Alison Grimes leaves office. I think that actually makes a lot of sense.”

Adams is a graduate of Harvard Law School and practices election law in Louisville.  The Paducah native is making his first run for public office.

Adams is running for secretary of state against Democratic nominee Heather French Henry.  WKU Public Radio has reached out to her campaign requesting an interview.