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Activists Seek 30-Day Review of Indiana Redistricting Plan

Flickr/Creative Commons/J. Stephen Conn

Voting rights activists are calling on Indiana legislative leaders to give the public a month for reviewing proposed new congressional and state election district maps before they are finalized.

Members of the Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission organized by Common Cause and other groups issued a report Wednesday calling for greater public involvement in the once-a-decade redrawing of election maps based on population changes.

The Republican-dominated Legislature plans a fall return to the Statehouse for votes on the new maps, with the process being delayed because the U.S. Census Bureau won’t release data for congressional and legislative redistricting until perhaps September following COVID-19 pandemic delays.

Common Cause Indiana policy director Julia Vaughn said the Legislature should use the coming months to hold hearings around the state for public comment.

“Once you have proposals available, slow the process down,” Vaughn said. “Give people at least 30 days to understand and give feedback on what the Legislature has proposed.”

Republican legislative leaders have said public hearings will be held about redistricting but haven’t given details.

They didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment Wednesday.

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