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New Law Aims To Help Kentucky Veterans Start Businesses

Flickr-Creative Commons-Floyd Wilde

A bill signed into law by Governor Matt Bevin is aimed at helping Kentucky veterans start businesses by waiving filing fees.


The law applies to veterans and active duty military service members. Veteran owned businesses started after August 1-2018 are exempt from paying filing fees for articles of incorporation, articles of organization, and other documents.

The Elizabethtown News-Enterprise reports the law also provides credit for military training. For example, if a service member received a commercial driver’s license while in the military, they would be issued the same license as a civilian. Individuals have to make a request for the credit and provide the necessary documentation.

Under the legislation the licensing agency should issue the occupational license within 30 days if the applicant qualifies. According to the Secretary of State’s office, there are 8,300 veteran-owned businesses in Kentucky.


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