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Lawmakers to Again Attempt to Get Kentucky Smoking Ban Passed

Two Louisville lawmakers will again attempt to get a statewide smoking ban passed.

Representative Susan Westrom and Senator-elect Julie Racque-Adams have tried--and failed—to get such a ban through the past four legislative sessions.

Westrom, a House Democrat, blamed members of her own party’s leadership after a smoking ban failed to receive a floor vote in the chamber during the 2014 General Assembly.

Speaking this week at a legislative preview meeting held by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, Republican Senator-elect Julie Adams said she believed the idea had enough support in the House to pass, if an up-or-down vote was held next year.

A smoking ban was introduced in the Senate during this year’s session by retiring Senator Julie Denton, but that legislation stalled in the GOP-led chamber. CN2 reports that supporters of a ban are pointing to Louisville—which passed a local smoking ban in 2006—as evidence that such rules don’t negatively impact businesses such as bars and restaurants.

Opponents say business owners should be able to decide whether or not to allow smoking on their property.

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