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Democratic Super PAC Plans to Influence Kentucky House Races

A Democratic super PAC that was active in last year’s governor’s race is taking part in legislative races this fall.  The Kentucky Family Values super PAC was started to help Governor Steve Beshear win re-election. The group has now re-formed under new leadership to influence state House races.

“I hope we’re going to be successful and that is, elect enough family values oriented Democrats in the state House for the Democrats to retain control,” PAC chairman and retired Louisville lawyer Kevin Hable told Kentucky Public Radio in a phone interview.

He declined to say which races the PAC will try to influence, but said it will not get involved in all 100 House races.

Hable adds that the group will support Democrats who hold onto the same values that his PAC represents as real Kentucky values.

“That is education for themselves and their children, good paying jobs and economic development and healthcare. Those are the kinds of family values that I think we will try to promote,” he says.

According to reports filed with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance, the group has received only one donation since last year: a $20,000 contribution from Churchill Downs on May 18.

The reports also show the group has paid Democratic-leaning polling firm Public Policy Polling for a poll in April. And the PAC also is paying political group Winning Connections to produce political telephone calls.

As of Sept. 11, the group has more than $37,000 cash on hand.

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