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Tennessee Checking Davidson County Votes in GOP Primary

Tennessee election officials say they plan to look at the histories of voters who participated in this month’s Republican primary in Davidson County. At issue is whether voters were routinely given the GOP ballot by default.

The Tennessean reports election coordinator Mark Goins says he wants to find out if Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall’s experience was isolated or more common. Hall is an elected Democrat who says he voted in the Republican primary after poll officials failed to give him a choice.

An advocacy group called Tennessee Citizen Action said Hall and others were victimized by the state’s new electronic poll books defaulting to the GOP primary if voters didn’t express a preference for one primary or the other on August 2nd.

Goins says his office has consulted with the state attorney general’s office and has asked the Davidson County Election Commission for records from the state’s primary and county general election. The election commission has within 45 days of the election to turn over those records.

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