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Registration grows among Kentucky voters not tied to major parties

Jacob Ryan

The percentage of Kentucky's registered voters who aren't affiliated with the Republican or Democratic parties reached a new high at the end of 2022, Secretary of State Michael Adams said.

Voter registration under the category of “other” political affiliations broke the 10% mark last December, he said.

“Candidates for statewide office should take notice: to win a general election, they must reach out beyond their base and court the fastest-growing bloc of the electorate,” Adams said.

Republican registrants account for 45.5% of the statewide electorate, while Democratic registrants represent another 44.5%, the Republican secretary of state said. The latest figures show that GOP registration continued to increase, while Democratic registration continued to drop, he said.

Meanwhile, voters registered as Independent or with other affiliations account for 10% of the statewide electorate as a result of the latest registration increase in that category, he said.