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Dozens of Ky. Inmates Released After Statute Declared Unconstitutional


Dozens of Kentucky inmates are being released this week after a state statute was declared unconstitutional. The statute required some inmates to receive an additional year of probation after their sentences were completed--even though that wasn’t part of the original sentencing plan.  

The Department of Public Advocacy challenged the statute and was granted a permanent injunction ordering the state Department of Corrections to release all individuals currently incarcerated under that part of the law.

Corrections appeal to get the order reversed wasn’t granted and now 54 inmates who were in custody under the now-void statute will be released immediately. Miranda Hellman is a staff attorney with the Department of Public Advocacy in the post-conviction branch.


“Y’know it lets them get home. It’s 54 families across the state that get their loved ones back. A lot of them have served a ton of time past the time they should have served,” she said.


Hellman said it started with one individual who was surprised to be given an additional year of probation after serving his sentence. She said after they won his case they decided to work to win the release of all inmates being held for violations of the now-void statute.


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