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Policy Group Uses Kentucky Census Data to Encourage Medicaid Expansion

A progressive economic group says Kentucky should expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act based on recently release Census data. The Kentucky Center for Economic Policy points to data that shows the percentage of Kentuckians without insurance dropped last year based on early elements of the health care law.

The drop was mainly attributed to a large number of young adults who are staying on their parents’ insurance thanks to one of the law’s provision.

The group’s director, Jason Bailey, says the data shows full implementation of the health care law needs to happen.

“So it’s the beginning of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act that is contributing to this increase in health insurance coverage," says Bailey.

Bailey says Medicaid expansion would lower the uninsured number even more and could be at no cost to state government.

But Republicans are urging Governor Steve Beshear to reject the expansion, saying it will cost the state money.

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