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Poll: Almost Half of Kentuckians Oppose Affordable Care Act, While Supporting Key Provisions

A new Courier-Journal Bluegrass pollshows a near majority of Kentuckians oppose President Obama’s health care law, with a clear majority against the mandate requiring Americans to buy health insurance or pay a fine. But that same poll indicates overwhelming support for several key parts of the Affordable Care Act.

Forty-nine percent of those surveyed said they opposed the health care law, with 33% supporting it. Eighteen percent said they weren’t sure.

Eighty-two percent support the law’s requirement that insurance companies pay for pre-existing conditions, and nearly two-thirds support a provision that allows children to remain on their parents’ insurance policies until they are 26.

However, 70% of those surveyed oppose what’s known as the “individual mandate”, the part of the law at the heart of this year’s Supreme Court ruling upholding the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act.

The Bluegrass poll surveyed 606 likely Kentucky voters from September 11-13, with a plus-or-minus margin of error of 4.1%.

Kevin is the News Director at WKU Public Radio. He has been with the station since 1999, and was previously the Assistant News Director, and also served as local host of Morning Edition.
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