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Forecastle Foundation Partnering With Bowling Green Microbrewery to Improve Kentucky Waterways

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A Bowling Green microbrewery is teaming up with Western Kentucky University and two non-profit groups to celebrate conservation efforts in southern Kentucky. The White Squirrel brewery is releasing a new beer called the “Belle of the Green River”, which is made with water from the Green River.  

Lauren Hendricks is the chairwoman of the Forecastle Foundation, which works to conserve watersheds and restore the natural flow of waterways. The group supported efforts last year to remove Lock and Dam Number Six on the Green River in southern Kentucky. She said the foundation has already helped restore nearly 200 miles of the Green River by removing locks and dams.

“It removes natural habitats for animals, it affects the life within the river,” she said. “So by restoring it to its natural state its extremely important for the plant life, for the animal life, for it to get back to its natural state as possible.”


According to theKentucky Waterways Alliance there are 43 species that are found only in the Green River in Kentucky.

The “Belle of the Green River” will be tapped at an event at the White Squirrel brewery in Bowling Green on Thursday.

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