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Bowling Green School Board Approves Aug. 24 Opening with Hybrid Model

Bowling Green City Schools

As parents struggle over whether to send their children back to in-person classes or keep them home for remote learning during the pandemic, the Bowling Green Board of Education Friday afternoon approved Superintendent Gary Fields’ recommendation to begin the school year on Aug. 24, with both options.

The reopening plan for the Bowling Green Independent School Districtoffers a hybrid model, with half the students attending on alternating days for in-person classes, called the Purple/Gold Schedule. Those students will also have remote-learning, called Non-Traditional Instruction or NTI, on Fridays.

Parents have the option of choosing all remote learning called the Virtual Academy. 

Fields said the school district has incorporated all recommended federal, state and local health procedures to keep students safe.

“As students enter our buses and schools, they will be wearing masks, along with all employees," said Fields. "These masks will be worn most of the school day, which includes while in class, as well as when they move throughout the building.”

The school board approved keeping the hybrid model in place through Oct. 2.

Superintendent Fields said that the district will always have the option to return to all remote learning if necessary. 

The Aug. 24 opening of Bowling Green city schools does not follow Gov. Andy Beshear’s recommendation that all schools in the state wait until Sept. 28 to reopen.

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