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Kentucky Seeking New Education Commissioner

flickr/Emory Maiden

Schools in Kentucky and across the nation are in limbo as COVID-19 makes it impossible, so far, for educators to determine whether there will be in-personclasses in the fall.

However, one thing is certain: Kentucky is looking for a new commissioner of education to guide the state’s 172 school districts through these uncertain times. 

The Kentucky Department of Education has the job description for its commissioner posted on its website. In this time of a pandemic, the description is perhaps understated. It offers “an exciting and challenging leadership opportunity to make a differencefor more than 648,000 public school students in the state.”

In addition to overseeing the daily operations of the state Department of Education, the education leader is superintendent of the Kentucky School for the Blind, the Kentucky School for the Deaf and 53 area technology centers.

Former commissioner Wayne Lewis resigned in December after Gov. Andy Beshear disbanded the old state school board and re-created it on his first day in office.

Kevin Brown, who has been general counsel of the Jefferson County schools and the Jefferson County Board of Education, is currently serving as the state’s interim education commissioner. 

Nominations or applications are due by May 31.

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