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New Warren County Elementary Has 'Coding' Curriculum in Grades K-6

Warren County Public Schools

Warren County's newest elementary school that opens Aug. 8 is on the leading edge in both sustainability and tech curriculum. 

Jennings Creek Elementary will have ‘coding’ as part of the curriculum from kindergarten through sixth grade. Coding, which is writing the language for computer programs, will be taught on an age appropriate level, so students naturally expand this essential 21st Century skill.

Morgan Watson is a spokeswoman for Warren County Public Schools. She said there’s another advantage of having coding embedded in the elementary curriculum.

“Coding is a universal language, and we’re going to have more than 30 languages spoken at Jennings Creek, so it will break down some of those language barriers,” said Watson. "Coding will help the students communicate in a new and unique way.”

Jennings Creek Elementary is the district’s second ‘net zero’ school, meaning it produces all the energy it uses. Among the energy efficiencies in the design are solar panels and a geothermal system for heating and cooling.

Warren County had the first ‘net zero’ school in the United States, Richardsville Elementary, which opened in 2010.

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