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Student Government President Wants WKU to Do More to End Harassment


The president of the Student Government Association at Western Kentucky University says she’s lost confidence in the school’s administrators. 

After months of distress, Andi Dahmer is going public with allegations that some fellow SGA members have harassed and threatened her safety, and claims the university has done little to remedy the threats. 

The College Heights Herald first reported that Dahmer has been the target of harassment since the fall semester.  Dahmer says she’s done nothing to warrant the treatment, but thinks her political views may have contributed to the tensions.

Dahmer, who is also the student regent, found a profanely-worded message on her car in February.   Fearing for her safety, she contacted campus police and informed her residence hall director who was mandated to report the incident to WKU’s Title IX Office. 

She was told her case didn’t add up to a violation of the federal civil rights law because it didn’t meet the legal standard for harassment. 

Her complaint was then forward to the Office of Student Conduct which issued “no contact” orders against two male SGA members who she claimed harassed and threatened her.  She thinks others have gone unpunished. 

Dahmer says the treatment toward her has prevented her from accomplishing many of the things she set out to do as SGA President, and does not plan to run for re-election.

WKU President Timothy Caboni released the following statement:

"No student  – or employee – should feel threatened or unsafe on our campus. While disagreements and differences of opinion are common, particularly on a university campus, we expect members of the WKU community to maintain professionalism, collegiality and respect as they interact and engage with others. 

I am assembling a group of faculty, staff and a student to review the structure, processes and procedures surrounding EEO, Title IX and Student Conduct. Lauren McClain in our Department of Sociology and Karl Laves in our Counseling and Testing Center have agreed to co-chair this effort. 

I also will recruit a small group of professionals to serve as external reviewers and to inform the work of the committee. 

If there are improvements that need to be made, we will make them. And while we cannot discuss specific Title IX, student conduct or EEO cases, we will be transparent and open about all of our processes."

The award-winning news team at WKU Public Radio consists of Dan Modlin, Kevin Willis, Lisa Autry, and Joe Corcoran.
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