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Caverna High School Partnering with WKU for Dual-Credit, Work Program

A high school that pulls students from both Barren and Hart counties is partnering with Western Kentucky University to create a part-time work and dual-credit program similar to the Learn and Earn program.

Learn and Earn sets college students up with part-time employment with local businesses upon completing the program. Caverna Independent’s program is called Transforming Outcomes through Performance and Scholarship, or TOPS.


The Caverna program will set about a dozen high school students up with part-time employment and provide them with dual-credit courses. Chase Goff is the principal at Caverna High School and said he’s always looking for ways to do more for his students.

“It allows my students who may come from impoverished backgrounds, who may not be able to see right now a way to pay for college, it really gives them kind of a head start,” Goff said.


He said when students take dual-credit courses they’re more likely to finish college. If the student does well, the business they’re working for will award the student a tuition scholarship to pay for their dual-credit classes. The scholarships will be determined on a semester-by-semester basis. Those payments will count as tax-deductible donations for the business. Students participating in TOPS are required to take 12 hours of dual-credit courses. The businesses will also pay the students at least minimum wage. No companies or businesses have committed to the program yet.


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