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Legislators Considering Efforts to Advance Digital Education in Kentucky

Kentucky lawmakers are trying to figure out how the state can improve digital learning across all classrooms in the commonwealth. The General Assembly has formed a task force to review possible legislative changes that encourage using technology in schools.

Representative Carl Rollins is co-chair of the task force. He says the goal is to propose legislation that pairs up the state with successful digital education providers.

“We will hear hopefully from some companies that have technology available and maybe encourage them to work with some of our schools in a pilot program to introduce the technology at little or no cost," says the co-chairman.

Rollins says the task force will also likely hear testimony the next few months from teachers and from the Kentucky Education Department.

He says initial impressions show the highest need for digital learning in 5th and 6th grade classrooms and those will likely be the focus of any legislation that come from the group.

A report from Open Ed Solutions commissioned by the education department last year recommends beginning the transition to digital assessments over the next few years.

Reports from public radio stations in Kentucky.
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