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Army Offering Incentives to Meet Goal of 28,000 More Soldiers by End of September

U.S. Army, Sgt. Neysa Canfield

The Army’s Human Resources Command at Fort Knox, Kentucky is playing a major role in meeting ambitious  enlistment targets in the coming months. The Army is offering cash and other incentives to meet its national goals.

The Army aims to add 28,000 soldiers by the end of September. That will bring the total personnel to just over one million, the number approved under the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2017. 

“In essence, the Army is hiring again," said Bill Costello, a spokesman for the Army Human Resources Command at Fort Knox. "Where we had been in a position to minimize or reduce the size of the force under the previous administration, the current administration has authorized us to increase our force structure and right now we’re taking some concrete steps to get that done.”

The increases in Army personnel will be in active duty, Army Reserves and the Army National Guard. 

Costello says the hiring goal for active duty personnel is 16,000. The goal for the National Guard is 8,000 new soldiers, and the goal for the Army Reserve is 4,000.

He says incentives to reenlist may include staying on at a current location and bonuses that vary according to individual circumstances.

“Generally, soldiers who reenlist for three years can receive up to $10,000, four years could be $15,000, $20,000 for five years, or $25,000 for six years.”


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