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State judicial commission orders west Kentucky judge facing misconduct charges be removed from office

Jessica Jones Paine
Murray Ledger & Times

The state Judicial Conduct Commission Friday ordered a western Kentucky judge facing multiple misconduct charges be removed from office and barred serving the next term in office.

42nd Judicial Circuit Judge Jamie Jameson faced seven misconduct charges, including pressuring attorneys, retaliatory behavior in the courtroom and trying to use his position to manipulate media coverage. The order will be effective in 10 days, barring an appeal.

The 70-page order followed the six-member commission’s conclusion that Jameson “is unfit for the office he currently holds and is equally unfit to serve in the same office for which he seeks a subsequent term by re-election.” One footnote in the document noted “a common thread through all improper actions” committed by Jameson being “his overriding desire to maintain total control.”

“As is typical of matters that end up in Final Hearing with the Commission, this case does not involve one or two isolated occurrences, but instead involves Judge Jameson’s pattern of misconduct and his repeated exercise of total control, improper behavior on the bench, extremely poor judgment and his engagement in matters that are well outside the bounds of the constitutional role of a judge,” the order reads. “Any reasonable person could easily recognize the significant issues presented by Judge Jameson’s conduct.”

The order also asserted that the commission had a “good faith basis” that Jameson should be “permanently removed from judicial office because the totality of the clear and convincing evidence” presented during the hearings.

According to JCC legal counsel Jeff Mando, Jameson could still win his bid for reelection in Marshall and Calloway counties tomorrow and, if he appeals the JCC’s decision, he could remain on the bench until a decision is reached, unless some other action is taken.

Jameson is facing western Kentucky attorney Andrea Moore in his reelection bid in the 42nd Judicial Circuit.

Mando said that he fully anticipates Jameson to appeal the JCC’s decision, though on Friday afternoon he was not aware of an appeal having been filed.

Jameson did not return an immediate request for comment.

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