Poor People's Campaign to Rally at Kentucky Capitol July 10

Jul 9, 2018

One of the national leaders of the Poor People's Campaign, Rev. William Barber, center, and Rev. Megan Huston of First Christian Church in Bowlng Green, at the entrance to the Kentucky state Captiol on June, 4, 2018.
Credit Poor People's Campaign

The Poor People’s Campaign in Kentucky will be back at the state Capitol July 10, expecting to enter the building in a group after previously being required to go in two at a time. 

Police at the Kentucky state capitol previously told demonstrators with the Poor People’s Campaign that they could enter only two at a time for safety reasons. The policy was put into effect after previous rallies by the anti-poverty group.

An opinion from Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear said proper procedures were not followed to begin the two at a time policy. 

Michael Gramling is with the Poor People’s Campaign in Bowling Green. He said residents participating in Tuesday's rally will come from across the state to present concerns to political leaders.  

“The whole issue with excluding the Poor People’s Campaign from the Capitol building, it’s a metaphor for the way people have been left behind and shut out in this country on so many levels.”

Gramling said the Poor People’s Campaign is working to address many interlocking issues, including systemic poverty and racism, cuts to Medicaid, and low-income people being disenfranchised from the political system.

Members of the statewide group plan to deliver messages about those issues to the governor and legislative leaders. 

The rally at the state Capitol is Tuesday at 1 p.m.