Dollar General

Dollar General

Dollar General, headquartered in Goodlettsville, is launching into health care, starting with the hiring of a “chief medical officer.” In its announcement this week, the discount retailer with 17,000 stores hinted at offering in-store services on a large scale.

Industry leader Walmart has already announced plans for thousands of primary care “supercenters” in stores and has been getting approval for in-store clinics in several states. By comparison, Dollar General has smaller stores primarily in more rural communities, which often lack hospitals or even walk-in clinics.

“At Dollar General, we are always looking for new ways to serve, and our customers have told us that they would like to see increased access to affordable healthcare products and services in their communities,” CEO Todd Vasos says in a statement. “Our goal is to build and enhance affordable healthcare offerings for our customers, especially in the rural communities we serve.”

A national company with deep roots in Kentucky is offering a financial incentive to employees who choose to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Dollar General is offering a one-time payment, equal to four hours of regular pay, to hourly workers after they receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

The company wants to encourage workers to get the vaccine when it’s offered to them in the priority distribution schedule. 

In a corporate press release, Dollar General said it is also removing barriers to vaccinations by offering travel time, and assisting with mileage expenses and child care needs.