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Bowling Green Teen Wins at Soap Box Derby World Championships

Stephanie Christian

The winner of the All-American Soap Box Derby World Championships in Akron, OH., is once again a Bowling Green native.

Nate Christian, 16, won first place in the super stoc division at the competition.

"As soon as I won, it didn't feel real. I still couldn't believe it. Still to this day, it's sinking in. It's definitely a dream come true," Christian said.

Christian, who has been racing at Phil Moore Park in Alvaton, KY since 2013, said this was his fourth time competing on the world stage. He says his success is due in large part to his experience taking part in rally races.

"For people that do rally races compared to people that do local races, I would say the rally people have more experience because you race more and you know more of the soap box people," Christian said.

Bowling Green was well represented in the final rounds of the 83rd All-American Soap Box Derby.

Kelsey Sanford finished third in the local stock car division while Cameron Martin placed 2nd in the local master's heat.

Other top finishers at the World Championships from Kentucky came from Owensboro, Glasgow, Loretto, and Utica.

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