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Number of Flu Cases Increasing in Kentucky

With the holiday season often comes an increase in the number of flu cases across Kentucky.  Over the last week state officials report rates of the flu virus jumped from 'sporadic' to a 'regional' designation. 

State Epidemiologist Kraig Humbaugh says getting a flu shot remains the primary recommendation.  "Each flu season unfortunately, thousands of Americans die from flu or flu-related complications and the flu shot is folks best protection against influenza," said Humbaugh.

Media attention in recent weeks has focused on the deadly Ebola virus.  But, Humbaugh says influenza is a more significant day-to-day health concern.  "We've not had any cases of Ebola in the state and we know we have flu circulating," said Humbaugh.  "And flu is and can be a deadly deadly virus."  

Humbaugh says the first confirmed flu case in Kentucky came in early October.  Fayette County reported its first confirmed case Tuesday. 

Humbaugh says the laboratory confirmed cases are just the tip of the iceberg and amount to a small percentage of all occurrences.​

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