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Dating Violence Bill Undergoes Rewrite

Attempts to win approval of dating violence legislation in the Kentucky General Assembly could be bolstered by a new strategy. 

Kentucky Domestic Violence Association Director Sherry Currens says lawmakers will be asked to consider creating a new section in Kentucky Revised Statutes for domestic partner dating violence. Currens says the domestic partner statutes pertaining to dating violence have been aired in the state capital numerous times.

 "And it's calling it an IPO, so it's an interpersonal protective order and it will be in chapter 456. So it's establishing a new section," said Currens.

Currens says there were some members of the state legislature who asked for domestic partner dating violence protections to be removed from current spouse abuse statutes.  The revised legislation was reviewed during an interim legislative meeting Friday. 

Currens says lawmakers should be well acquainted with the issues today. 

"I think everybody is pretty familiar with the bill, with the concept.  As I said before, it's a very long bill, but it's mostly just moving existing statute into a new section, so they're really aren't that many changes to the bill.  So, I'm very hopeful," explained Currens.


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