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Tennessee "Guns in Trunks" Bill Heading to Haslam for His Signature

A bill that would allow handgun permit holders to store firearms just about anywhere they park is poised to become law. The so-called guns-in-trunks legislation now goes to the governor after being passed by the state House.

There would have been very little debate but for 13 amendments proposed mostly by Democrats at the last minute. Most would have exempted certain property owners.

Sponsor Jeremy Faison of East Tennessee says he had no intention of allowing any amendments.

“Absolutely there are some good ideas, but at the end of the day, I gave my word to business people and to common sense gun owners that we were going to pass this bill just like this, and it has something for everybody,” said Faison.

House Speaker Beth Harwell told Republicans they could follow their conscience on the exemptions. Ultimately very few supported them.

The guns-in-trunks legislation passed by more than a two-thirds majority and now awaits the signature of Governor Bill Haslam, who has voiced concerns primarily about guns stored on school grounds.

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