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Kentucky Tax Reform Commission Will Ask for More Time

The Governor's Commission on Tax Reform will likely miss a November 15th deadline. Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson chairs the panel and says progress is being made, but more discussion is needed to finalize a report.  He says once a report does reach Governor Beshear's desk, probably in mid-December, it's not likely to be taken up immediately by state lawmakers.

“This is non-budget session…it’s called a short session, and to bring up any financial matters, you need a super-majority," explains Abramson. "You know, issues of taxes have winners and losers and generally speaking we’ll be doing well if we can get majority rather than a super-majority.”

The commission meets again on November 6th and will ask Governor Beshear for a deadline extension. Commission members are sifting through a list of 96 recommendations to simplify the tax code and generate enough revenue to meet the state's needs. The group has already ruled out several proposals, include a sales tax on food.

Reports from public radio stations in Kentucky.
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