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Iraq Veterans Plan to Attend Bowling Green Terrorism Trial

Several U.S. soldiers from Pennsylvania plan to attend the Bowling Green trial of an Iraqi refugee accused of plotting to help terrorists in Iraq. The soldiers lost six members of their National Guard unit in two roadside bomb attacks in 2005 and suspect the refugee may have been involved.

Mohanad Shareef is not charged with those battlefield deaths but he is charged with trying to send weapons and cash back to al-Qaida in Iraq after coming to Kentucky.

The trial is scheduled to start August 28th in Bowling Green.

Another Iraqi refugee living in Kentucky, 30 year old Waad Ramadan Alwan, has pleaded guilty to similar charges.

Documents reviewed by the Associated Press show both Hammadi and Alwan were insurgents in the same area around Bayji, Iraq at the same time the Pennsylvanians were stationed there and hit.

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