WKU English Professor Says Fulbright Experience Lets You 'See Beyond the Stereotypes'

Apr 3, 2019

WKU English Professor, Deborah Logan in Calcutta, India in 2018 while doing research there as a Fulbright Scholar .
Credit Deborah Logan

Western Kentucky University is celebrating Fulbright Week through April 5. 

More than 370,000 scholars, students, professionals, and groups have participated in the Fulbright program worldwide since it began in 1946.  WKU English Professor Dr. Deborah Logan is the recipient of two Fulbright research awards to India in 2012 and 2018. 

"Having these one on one connections with people in India over the months that I was there helps them to see beyond the stereotypes, helps me to see beyond the stereotypes and look at real people doing real things with real concerns about the direction that the world is going in," Logan said. 

The Fulbright program became law after World War II as a way to promote peace and understanding between the U.S. and other countries.   

You can hear more of our conversation with Deborah Logan by clicking on the 'Listen' button above.