Timothy Madden Trial Gets Delayed, Moved to Hardin County

Jan 5, 2018

Credit Lisa Autry

The man charged with killing a young girl from south central Kentucky will have to wait longer for his day in court.  A judge has granted a defense motion to delay the trial of Timothy Madden.

During a pre-trial hearing this morning, Allen Circuit Judge Janet Crocker said this is the most important case she’ll ever preside over and all parties need to be prepared.

Madden’s trial was originally scheduled to start February 26, but his attorney, Travis Lock, argued that he needed more time to review evidence submitted by the prosecution.

Madden is charged in the 2015 death of seven-year-old Gabbi Doolin of Scottsville.  He has pleaded not guilty to the crimes.

Allen County Commonwealth’s Attorney Clint Willis says he understands why the family could feel frustrated by the delay.

"It's kind of a hard conversation to have," Willis told WKU Public Radio. "As a practical matter, I understand the legal reasons for it. I understand the appellate issues and how those would come into play, but from the emotional aspect of it, that's a different matter."

The 40-year-old Madden is facing the death penalty in the kidnapping, rape, sodomy, and murder of Doolin, whose body was found behind Allen County-Scottsville High School more than two years ago. Doolin's cousin, Lori Wilson, said the family can accept the delay if it means getting justice.

"I'm not going to lie and say we're not disappointed. We want things to happen quicker and it seems like it's taken long enough, but this is the way the justice system works," stated Wilson. "We have a belief in a higher power and justice will be served."

The judge also granted a defense motion to move the trial out of south central Kentucky due to publicity.  The proceedings will take place in Hardin County, some 80 miles away from Allen County.  A new trial date is expected to be scheduled at a February 13 hearing.