Kentucky Appeals Court Clears Way for Baptist Health, Hardin Memorial Health Deal

Sep 24, 2019

Credit Hardin Memorial Health

The Kentucky Court of Appeals has approved a deal for Louisville-based Baptist Health to purchase Hardin Memorial Health in Elizabethtown.

In a unanimous decision, the appeals court upheld Hardin Circuit Judge Kelly Mark Easton’s ruling that Hardin County followed the law in negotiating the sale of HMH assets to Baptist Health.  The two sides reached an agreement in May 2018 that was scheduled to close at the end of the last year.  However,  Dr. Larry Hall filed a lawsuit challenging the sale. 

In its ruling, the appeals court said Dr. Hall "lacked the necessary standing" to challenge the law and had no evidence the negotiations violated the Open Meetings Act. 

Under the agreement, Baptist Health will acquire all assets of the 300-bed Hardin Memorial Health, and commit $235 million over ten years for investments in the hospital.  Baptist Health would also pay $50 million to Hardin County, which owns HMH. The hospital serves ten counties in central Kentucky.