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Award-Winning Investigative Reporter Warns Kentucky Voters Ahead of Election

WKU School of Journalism and Broadcasting

As Kentuckians prepare to go to the polls on November 5, an international journalist has a cautionary tale for voters. 

Finnish investigative reporter, Jessikka Aro, was one of the first reporters to expose Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.  During a recent visit to Bowling Green, she encouraged voters to be prepared.

"I would definitely advise people to read the Mueller investigation parts one and two, it really reads easier and more interesting than an average spy novel, but it's actually fact.  And then also if there are some shady, fake profiles and fake news being spread on social media, maybe it might be a good idea to be awake and aware that it might be a malicious actor who is spreading them."

Aro visited Bowling Green recently to receive the WKU School of Media Fleischaker-Greene Award for Courageous International Reporting.

You can hear her interview with Barbara Deeb by clicking on the Listen button above. 

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