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Bill Would Amend ‘Boots to Business’ Program To Include Nonprofits

A new pre-filed bill in Kentucky would allow veteran-owned nonprofits to waive some startup fees. The legislation would amend the existing Boots to Business program to include veteran-owned nonprofits. 

Through the program, new businesses that are majority-owned by a military veteran or an active-service member are eligible for fee waivers for the initial business filing, as well as the annual report filing over the next four years of business. 


SenatorDennis Parrett of Elizabethtown filed the bill last year, where it passed the Senate but didn’t make it through the House. He said he’ll try again during the 2020 General Assembly. 


“I felt like that we do have some businesses that are nonprofit businesses that veterans have, so I filed a bill that they wouldn’t that they would be in the same exemption.” 


Currently, only for-profit businesses owned by veterans qualify for the fee waivers in the Boots to Business program.


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