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Rand Paul Discusses Repeal and Replace With Medical Professionals

Becca Schimmel

  Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who  is pushing a plan to replace the federal Affordable Care Act,  Paul met with medical professionals at a Bowling Green hospital Monday to discuss his health care ideas.

Medical professionals gathered at TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital for an invitation only, town hall style meeting to hear details about Sen. Paul’s replacement plan. The Bowling Green Republican is proposing a tax credit of up to $5,000 per person to use as part of a Health Savings Account. His plan would also remove the Affordable Care Act’s mandate that every American get coverage.

Paul wants a replacement plan passed the same day Obamacare is repealed.


“We do need to be thoughtful and think about how are we going to make a better system than what we have,” Paul said.


Some of the top concerns by medical professionals at the town hall meeting included maintaining the Obamacare provision that those with pre-existing conditions not be denied coverage, and allowing patients to cross state lines and still be insured. Beth Bryant, cardiologist at Greenview, said a better plan to support all Kentuckians is needed.

“Because currently Obamacare is failing in Kentucky, we’re going broke, and our patients aren’t being covered,” Bryant said.

A Gallup poll shows Kentucky saw the second-highest drop in the number of uninsured residents after the ACA was implemented. And a University of Louisville study found the number of low-income Kentuckians without coverage dropped 68 percent in the first year of Kentucky’s expanded Medicaid coverage.

Paul’s plan would eliminate some of Obamacare’s protections of those with pre-existing conditions. The Bowling Green Senator is proposing a two-year window when those with pre-existing conditions could get insurance. After that, they’d only be protected if they continuously maintained coverage.

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