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DeCesare Won't Decide on Future Plans Until Final Legislative Maps Passed

Kentucky LRC

A Warren County lawmaker says he's waiting until new legislative maps are drawn before he makes any decisions about his future.

Republican Representative Jim DeCesare could be placed in a tough spot when lawmakers pass a redistricting plan at the end of the special session that began Monday in Frankfort.

A Democratic proposal would put DeCesare in the same district as fellow House Republican C.B. Embry, Junior, of Morgantown. DeCesare tells WKU Public Radio that he's not ready to decide whether or not he would seek re-election under those circumstances.

"Once there's final passage on a piece of legislation, I'll look at it and see where I need to go from there,” said the Rockfield Republican.

DeCesare and Embry both say they're good friends and have been talking for over a year about the possibility of being put in the same district.

A proposal issued by House Republicans put Embry in the same district as a Democratic incumbent, Brent Yonts of Muhlenberg County.

Lawmakers hope to have new maps passed by this Friday.

The award-winning news team at WKU Public Radio consists of Dan Modlin, Kevin Willis, Lisa Autry, and Joe Corcoran.
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