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Kentucky PAC Forms With Goal to Eliminate Reproductive Rights as Campaign Issue

The key issue for a new Louisville-based political action committee is candidates' use of reproductive rights as a campaign issue.

Reproductive Rights for Kentucky PAC was born from the recent controversy when University of Louisville Hospital attempted to merge with Denver-based Catholic Health Initiatives. Critics of the merger raised concerns about CHI's adherence to Catholic religious directives—that certain reproductive health practices, such as tubal litigations, wouldn't be permitted at University Hospital.

The new PAC is chaired by Honi Goldman, a Louisville media relations executive and a critic of the CHI-University Hospital merger. (CHI and University entered into a partnership last year.)

Goldman said the group will support candidates who realized there are bigger issues to deal with than reproductive ones.

"We are interested—in both financial as well as publicly—those elected officials and those viable candidates that are really concerned about real problems and staying away from men's and women's reproductive organs," she said.

The PAC will support federal, state and local candidates, Goldman said.

It isn't only a pro-choice group, she said.

"This is more than just being pro-choice, this is across the board reproductive rights for everyone," she said.

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