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Kentucky GOP Senator Vows Challenge to President's Gun Ban

WKU Public Radio

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul said he'll examine President Obama's just-announced executive orders to see if the president has overstepped his authority — and, if he believes so, will introduce legislation to overturn the orders. 

“Executive orders can be overturned and cannot run afoul of legislation that is the current law, if he tries to create legislation, I will oppose him,” Paul said on Wednesday.

Obama on Wednesday announced 23 executive actions aimed at reducing gun violence, plus a push for new legislation.

Paul made his comments as the president was unveiling his plans, prefacing them by saying he wasn’t sure of all the details.

Paul said he believes if he has to submit legislation to overturn the president, he would win the support of Republicans and Democrats.

“And I think I’ll have a good chance legislatively, and we will introduce that very rapidly, we are working on legislation now,” he said.

Paul says he does have concern about violence in schools, but wants lawmakers to take up the issue.

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