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Senator Paul Running Pro-Akin Ad in Missouri Senate Race

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is coming to the aid of Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin with a new advertising campaign. Paul's political action committee plans to begin running an ad Wednesday against Democratic Sen. McCaskill. The one-minute ad criticizes McCaskill's vote against a Paul amendment last month that would have blocked foreign aid to Egypt, Libya and Pakistan.

Akin was pressured by GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and other top Republicans to drop out of the race after Akin's mid-August remark about women's bodies having ways of avoiding pregnancy in "legitimate rape."

Akin, a Republican congressman from suburban St. Louis, also called for the U.S. to suspend aid to Egypt after a recent attack on the U.S. embassy.

McCaskill said the U.S. should be mindful of the consequences of suspending foreign aid during an already tense situation in the Middle East. Her campaign notes just 10 senators voted for Paul's amendment.

Paul's committee is running similar ads against Democratic senators in several other states.

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