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PAC is Formed to Combat Influence of Teachers Unions on Kentucky School Board Races

A newly-formed political action committee is hoping to influence school board races across the commonwealth, embarking on territory usually dominated by teachers unions. For decades, education policy and school board races across the commonwealth have been aided solely by teachers unions giving campaign donations through political action committees.

But a new group has just been formed to combat that influence on school board races. The Bluegrass Fund was created last week by Louisville develop David Nicklies, according to statements filed with the IRS.

Bluegrass Fund spokesman Joe Burgan says the fund’s first targets will be in Louisville, at that city’s school board races, to give someone other than a teacher’s union a voice in those races.

“But we’re just trying to get behind candidates that again, we think, are best prepared to speak on behalf of students and parents,” he says.

Burgan says issues that are important to parents, but aren’t necessarily popular with unions, are a priority.

“There are host of issues we’re going to put a priority on, namely finding candidates that are going to speak for parents and students. I don’t want say that there’s any sort of litmus test for candidates that will be supported. I’m sure charter schools could be a factor, but it is not the factor,” he says.

So far, the Bluegrass Fund has not filed any financial reports.