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Kentucky Democrats Eying Opportunties to Pick Up State House Seats

With no statewide races on the ballot this year, the Kentucky Democratic Party is focusing its efforts on the General Assembly. Republicans have made taking over the state House a priority and have pledged to raise $1 million dollars to do so.

But KDP spokesman Matt Erwin says Democrats have already raised near that amount and they plan to do more than protect incumbents.

“We see opportunities for pickups on several seats, we see several Republicans incumbents who will be running aggressive campaigns against. And we see a great opportunity this year to not only defend our majority in the House but to expand upon it,” he says.

Erwin says Democrats will use Senate President David Williams’s reign in that chamber to argue that a GOP-controlled House would be bad for Kentucky.

“We’ll make sure that House Republicans and their candidates have to answer for David Williams’ failed leadership in Frankfort. He is the face of their party in Frankfort and we want to make sure the House of Representatives doesn’t fall into the same hands that crippled the state Senate,” he says.