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Warren County Voters Show Up in Numbers to Cast Early Ballot

Tuesday is the first day of early voting in-person voting in Kentucky.

Warren County residents showed up steadily starting Tuesday morning at the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center—or SKyPAC—to cast their ballots ahead of the November general election.

Chasity Rodgers voted along with some older family members earlier in the day, then came back in the afternoon to bring her neighbor. She said she hasn't missed an election so far.

“It was a whole lot easier this time around. They have a whole lot more technology. They were able to scan my ID and then I went on through,” Rodgers said.

Poll workers estimate more than 700 people had cast ballots as of early Tuesday afternoon.

John and Polli Bates were also among those who came to cast a ballot.

“I’m very concerned about the way the economy is and the way that the laws of the land need to be changed for the people and improved for the people," John Bates said.

Both Bates also said they're concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic, but it likely won't influence their vote.

"If we keep being socially distant and wearing our masks, it shouldn't be influencing everything as long as we are doing our part," Polli Bates said.

Voters seemed to appear in a stream throughout the morning and early afternoon—with lines backing up and clearing quickly at various points.

Voting hours at SKYPAC last weekdays from 8-4:30 p.m. and the next three Saturdays from 9-12 p.m.

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