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Muhlenberg County Launches New 911 Website

Muhlenberg County has a new 911 website that allows residents to anonymously report concerns that are not life-threatening. 

The new website that went live in December can be used instead of a phone call for issues such as registering an after-hours contact for a business.  

Muhlenberg County 911 Supervisor David Knight said another new convenience is an online registry for cattle and livestock. Knight said in his rural community, stray cattle are pretty common.

“We do our best to keep the livestock out of the road until we can find an owner," he said. "Most of the time it is given to us. We’re who people call for that.” 

Knight said the new website has a link to anonymously email tips on a possible drug deal or other criminal activity. 

"We encourage people that if they see something, say something. No tip is going to be treated like it’s inadequate. We give it to our people and they’ll look into it to the fullest abilities that they have," said Knight. "I always tell people I would rather report something and it be nothing, than to not say anything and there actually be something to it.”

Knight said residents should continue to dial 911 during life-or-death emergencies.

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