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Overdose Deaths Slightly Declined in Warren County

The number of drug overdose deaths in Warren County declined slightly in 2017.

Warren County saw 18 drug overdose deaths in 2017, compared to 19 in 2016.

County Coroner Kevin Kirby said toxicology reports also show an increase in people with methamphetamine in their system. Kirby said while there’s more awareness about the risk of addiction with prescription opioids, that hasn’t dramatically reduced fatal overdoses in Warren County.


“Not a real good reason for it, really,” Kirby said. “Not a good reason why that’s happening other than people making the wrong decisions.”


Kirby said there was an increase in both suicides and homicides in the county last year. He said death investigations also increased, there were almost 900 death investigations in 2017--49 more than in 2016.


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