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Kentucky Ranks 44th in the U.S. on 'Happiness' Survey

Wikimedia Commons

The rankings for the happiest states in America are in - and Kentucky is pretty far down the list. 

Kentucky residents won’t be cheered up by the state’s ranking of number 44 on the new WalletHub Happiness survey. The rankings are based on 28 metrics that include satisfaction with daily life, work environment, worries about money, rates of depression, volunteer rate and participation in sports.

In the category of ‘emotional and physical well-being,’ the Bluegrass State came in 46th.

Source: WalletHub
Kentucky ranked better on ‘community environment’ at 37 and ‘work environment’ at number 35. On ‘participation in sports,’ Kentucky came in at 46th in the nation.

Kentucky’s neighboring states are little ‘happier.’ Tennessee ranks 42nd and Indiana comes in at number 34.

The ‘happiest’ state in the country is Minnesota, followed by Utah and Hawaii.

Credit WalletHub

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