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Former Wildcat Derek Anderson, Gov. Steve Beshear Join Rally for Statewide Smoking Ban

Supporters of a statewide smoking ban brought high-profile help from the world of sports while rallying Thursday in the Capitol Rotunda  for their cause.

Urging Kentucky lawmakers to pass a statewide smoking ban, Gov. Steve Beshear and former University of Kentucky basketball player Derek Anderson spoke in favor of House Bill 190 at the rally. Currently more than 20 Kentucky communities have smoke-free laws, spanning across the state. And recent polls said that most Kentuckians support a ban.

Based on those facts, state Rep. Julie Raque Adam says the bill should be passed with bipartisan support.

"This is not a Republican or Democrat issue," said Raque Adams, a Louisville Republican who is sponsoring a House bill. "It's just one that makes sense for public health and Kentucky's economy."

The bill has already passed a House committee and is likely to pass the full House. But at least two members of the GOP-led Senate leadership do not support the bill.

Susan Westrom, a Democrat from Lexington who is  also a co-sponsor, said adapting to the new law wouldn't be difficult for Kentuckians.

"It's not asking too much to ask people to step outside and smoke outside. It's just not asking very much at all," she said.

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