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Senate Committee Backs Bill Requiring Kentucky Medicaid Providers to Publish Prescription Prices


A bill requiring Kentucky Medicaid managed care operators publish a list of prescriptions and reimbursement prices on Wednesday passed a state Senate committee, following prodding from  independent pharmacists asking for access to pricing standards before they fill prescriptions.

The group of independent pharmacists told lawmakers that they are still having trouble with reimbursements from the state's Medicaid managed care operators. And they said they were also still being dramatically undercut on prescription reimbursements when they did receive them.

Pharmacist Jonathan Van Lahr  said his goal was  to see transparency in the process.

"We are not asking to be paid exorbitant prices for these medications we dispense, just not to lose money. Or at least, let me know I'm going to lose money before I fill it," he says.

Another pharmacist, testifying to the Senate Health and Welfare Committee on behalf of Senate Bill 107, said that he had lost thousands of dollars on just one well-known drug in half a year.

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